Information Notice for Water Tank Cleaning – Grevillea Project.

Information Notice

24th January 2020

The Residents of
Grevillea Project.                                                                    

This is to inform you that Water Tank Cleaning is scheduled as follows :

Schedule : 

B, C 27th January 2020 J, K 31st January 2020
D, E 28th January 2020 A, M 03rd February 2020
F, G 29th January 2020 L, N 04th February 2020
H, I 30th January 2020

Precautions :

  • Please note that there will be no water supply from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, so please make necessary arrangement to store water as per your requirement.
  • Please put off your water purifiers. Use water only after flow of reddish water stops.
  • During the schedule, as your building parking, ducts & reachable external bldg. walls may be washed using pressure water, all are requested to – 
      • Park their vehicles on peri-pheri roads. 
      • Keep all their sliding windows & doors closed.
      • Avoid drying of clothes and keeping anything in the balcony.

Inconvenience regretted.


सर्व सन्मानिय राहिवासी,

ग्रेव्हेलिया प्रकल्प. 

आपल्या प्रकल्पाच्या पाण्याच्या टाक्या स. ९.३० ते संध्या. ७.३० पर्यंत साफ  करणार आहोत.आपल्या गरजेनुसार पाण्याची साठवण करून ठेवणे.

स्वच्छ पाणी आल्यावर पाण्याचा वापर करणे.

कृपया आपली वाहने प्रोजेक्टच्या पेरीफेरीमध्ये पार्क करावीत.

वेळापत्रका प्रमाणे सफाई होताना आपल्या घराच्या खिडक्या व दारे ई. बंद ठेवणे.


Magarpatta City

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