Sports Committee


  • Kishor Magar
  • Avinash Champalal Wani
  • Abhay Gupta
  • Sarang Thakare
  • Rajesh Nair
  • Vinodkumar Kisanlal Jain
  • Garima Gurha Goyal
  • Sunil Sudhakar Joshi
  • Santosh
  • Soumitro Ganguly
  • Sameer Pravin Chitnis
  • Pankaj Agrawal
  • Sunil Kumar Bharti
  • Abhishek Agarwal
  • Rigved Mayuresh Pimpalkar
  • Manoj Sudhakarrao Jape
  • Prashant Pandharinath Khismatrao
  • Hemant Arvind Tikekar
  • Mayur Parekh
  • Sandeep Pradhan
  • Ashfaque Mohammad
  • Pandurang Gawas
  • MPCL-2011 Committee was formed in April-2011. It started working on the procedure & policies formation for League Match Tournament & obtained a formal approval / go-ahead in Aug-2011.
  • Initiated the Advertising Campaign for promoting the idea of MPCL in Magarpatta City on 5th Oct, 2011 during Dandiya program. Dr. Dilip Mane was the chief guest for this program to uncover MPCL Logo & other advertising banners. Mr. Nilesh Magar was also available for this function to strengthen our idea of MPCL.
  • Organized an Auction ceremony on 9th Oct 2011. Formed 16 teams and kept a base price for each team to bid for Rs. 25,000.  Auction ceremony was very successful. All 16 teams sold with a competitive bidding. Noble Hospital sponsored the invitation card & match schedule print media expenses.
  • Team Owners were all the residents of Magarpatta City and own some kind of businesses, which they wanted to advertise through this tournament. We promised them the advertising of their business thru various media such as SMS, email, Banner on entry gate of each neighborhood, poster for every building notice board, pole-hoardings & ground hoardings, etc.
  • MPCL-2011 inauguration ceremony was held on 3rd December on the School playground. Chief Guest was Mr. Shantanu Sugvekar, ex captain of Maharashtra in Ranji cricket. The inauguration ceremony was also accompanied by Mr. Satish Magar, Mr. Umesh Magar & Dr. Dilip Mane.
  • MPCL tournament had 16 teams playing in 4 groups. First round was league matches within a group, then second round was Quarter final for top 8 teams coming from a league matches, followed by semi-final & final on 25th December. Total 31 matches were played on 4 weekends.
  • In Final, ‘LIC Life Savers Laburnum Park’ and ‘Trillium Titans’ played for MPCL trophy. MPCL-2011 trophy & 1st prize of Rs. 1,00,000 was won by ‘Trillium Titans’. Runner-up team ‘LIC Life Savers Laburnum Park’ won the 2nd prize of Rs. 50,000.

It’s Cricket all the way…

Every year, Magarpatta Sports Committee brings an exciting Annual Sports Festival for all Magarpatta Citizens. This sports festival used to have Cricket Tournament for below 14 years & above 14 years category. This year it decided to bring more thrill & enjoyment to cricket tournament. Hence for above 14-years category, it announced a cricket tournament to be held in and called this as MPCL – Magarpatta City Premiere Cricket League. The fierce competition and sincerity of this tournament will create outstanding sports persons.

The organizing committee consists of Nandu Chaudhari, Ashish Naik, Kishore Magar, Sarang Thakare and Vinod Jain.

In MPCL, total 16 teams are participating. Each team has an owner. The name of each team is decided as per the 16 neighborhoods of Magarpatta City. Team owner’s can modify the team name as per his/her choice.

Team owners were decided thru Team auction, held on Sunday – 9th October 2011. It was a very successful ceremony, where several business owners in & around Magarpatta city participated to bid for teams of their choice. Team owners would get immense benefits thru MPCL advertisement. They can advertise their business thru various media such as emails, banners, posters, leaflets, website, SMS, hoardings at play ground and pole flex advertising. This way business information will reach up to 75,000 audiences (around 35,000 residents & 40,000 employees) in Magarpatta city.

The Tournament Schedule is: 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th December (Only Weekends)

Venue:  School Play ground in front of Destination Centre
Interested participants can contact the team owners of their favorite team OR PMS office (Magarpatta City Resident ID Card is a must)

Team Names are

 Cosmos Panthers  Reddy’s Lions DC  Grevillia Royals
 Sparkplugs Iris  LIC Life Savers Labranum  Jasminium Marshals
 Nilesh Burde XI Roystonea  Heliconia Hunters  Trillum Titans
 George Dafodills Gladiators  Iken Sylvania Supersonics  Sudarshan Social Foundation Mulberry
 Erica Magarpatta Cricket Club  Kings XI Acacia  Maratha Warriors Zinnia
 Noble Hospital – Success Engineering Classes
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