Notice for residents of Cosmos

Information Notice

Date: 06th April 2017

The Residents of
COSMOS Project.

Sub : – External Cleaning of Building

The External Building Cleaning Schedule is as follows:
Time Schedule: – 9.00 am to 6.00pm

11th to 12th April 2017 M 25th to 26th April 2017 T
13th to 14th April 2017 N 27th to 28th April 2017 U
15th to 17th April 2017 O 29th to 02nd May 2017 V
18th to 19th April 2017 P 03rd to 04th May 2017 W
20th to 21st April 2017 R 05th to 06th May 2017 Z
22nd to 24th April 2017 S 08th to 12th May 2017 Prime



  1. Sliding doors & windows to be closed at scheduled time.
  2. Avoid keeping anything and drying of clothes in balcony during the schedule.


Inconvenience regretted.


Magarpatta City

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