Message from the Management of Magarpatta and Nanded City



Dear Members of Magarpatta City and Nanded City,

The Coronavirus (COVID -19) has held the whole world at ransom. The events which are happening and expected to happen are unprecedented. In these times of universal calamity we as a family should stand together and fight this war.

It’s time for us to stand by our family, neighbors, fellow citizens and particularly PMS and Security Staff who need us the most.

We are all mentally going through the worst phase of our lives. We are all aware that little help is coming our way. What we need to do in these times is to help ourselves and help all those who are dependent on us.

It is time for us to prove that we are not selfish and mean minded people but people who CARE.

CARE for our family, neighbors, fellow citizens by assisting them in whichever way we can.

CARE for our PMS staff and Security who are working 24*7 for our safety even when we are in our home safely.

CARE for everyone by giving the right advise and not spreading any unwanted rumors and causing panic.

This is the time for us to lead this fight from the front and NOT go into hibernation.

This is the time for us to stand up for the cause of humanity.

This is the time to prove once again we are people who CARE..


With lots of care and safety.


(Satish Magar)
On behalf of the Management of Magarpatta City and Nanded City

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