Information Notice to All the Residents of Magarpatta City Caution Regarding Termite Infestation in Homes

21st September’ 2023


The All Residents of
Magarpatta City

Subterranean termites attack your home by building tunnels and spread out to the home’s floors, walls, ceiling. They are in the form of mud tubes and target joints, beams, wooden materials like wooden floor, furniture, baseboards etc.
They have got two primary ways to invade homes –

  •  From underground
  • By flying in as swarms (termites with wings) from windows/doors/openings

Some Common Signs

  1. Mud tubes or termite tubes on wall (as shown in picture)
  2. Tiny pinholes on the walls and ceiling
  3.  A hollow sound when you tap on the wall or wooden material
  4.  Termite dust at the wall’s base (as shown in picture)
  5. Wall paint flaking off, cracks on base board and floors
  6. Doors and windows lose grip with the wall
  7. Presence of ants near the wall

DO NOT TRY to get rid of termites on your own. Its best to hire a Pest Control company to eliminate termites in your home as they are dangerous and spread out fast destroying walls, ceilings and wooden furniture the most.

Common areas are timely treated and taken care by PMS. At the same time, we urge Residents to keep a check in your homes and also those which are rented out by you. Start the treatment immediately, if found from our authorized Pest Control vendor (Numbers displayed on Notice board) or any other outside agency.

Kindly note that penalty will be charged for any negligence towards it.

Magarpatta City

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