Important Notice – Dated 13th July 2020

Important Notice


Dear Residents,

Following will be strictly CLOSED during 14th to18th July 2020 both days included:

  1. All types of grocery shops, retail and wholesale shops, all trading, shops, business activities.
  2. Public/Private playgrounds/Open spaces/Gardens. No morning/Evening walk
  3. All Restaurants, Lodge, Hotels, Resorts, Mall, Bazars , Markets etc.
  4. All hair cutting saloons, spa, beauty parlours etc.
  5. Vegetable markets, fruit, mutton, chicken, fish, eggs markets
  6. All educational institutions, tuition.
  7. All types of vehicles including public transport. Except for emergency with prior permission.
  8. All Bus services
  9. All transport vehicles.
  10. All cinema, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
  11. All banquet halls, halls
  12. All private offices
  13. All social, political, sports, entertainment, religious meetings
  14. Religious places, prayers halls.
  15. Food delivery/ home delivery including Zomato etc.
  16. Ecommerce to open after 19th July.

Following is ALLOWED

  1. Milk – home delivery.
  2. All private and Public medical & animal health care – regular times.
  3. All medical shops – 24 hrs.
  4. All hospitals, related services.
  5. Petrol pumps timings – only to provide fuel to Govt & Essential service providers. 09:00am to 02:00pm.
  6. LPG gas distribution.
  7. Industrial/Export products/raw materials movement with applicable regulations.
  8. Print media offices & distribution. 6 am to 9 am.
  9. Water supply tankers
  10. No person shall be allowed outside except emergency.
  11. Banks/ATMs will operate as normal with applicable restrictions, but people not allowed to go to bank offices.
  12. All helpers/maids to old age / ill persons allowed.

Please Note:
We shall close all the four main entrance gates.
People not to venture out unless very essential.
PMS services of housekeeping and garbage collection may affect due to shortage of manpower.


Magarpatta City Management.

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