External cleaning schedule of Laburnum Park Project

Information Notice

Date: 17th November 2016

The Residents of
Laburnum Park Project.

Sub: – External Cleaning of Building

External Cleaning Schedule is as follows:
Time Schedule: – 9.00 am TO 6.00pm

22nd to 26th November 2016 A 26th to 28thDecember 2016 I
28th Nov  to  03rd Dec 2016 B 29th to 31stDecember 2016 J
05th to 07th  December 2016 C 02nd  to 04th January 2017 K
08th to 10th  December 2016 D 05th  to 07th January 2017 L
12th to 14th  December 2016 E 09th  to 11th January 2017 M
15th to 17th  December 2016 F 12th  to 14th January 2017 N
19th to 21st December 2016 G 16th  to 18th January 2017 O
22nd to 24th December 2016 H 19th  to 21st January 2017 P


Sliding doors & windows to be closed at schedule time.


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