Charter of demands from Upkeep Committee in the meeting held on 26th March 2017

List of demands for Pune City or surrounding area


S.No. Category Description of Demand
1 Traffic, Safety Police should strictly punish traffic violators on daily basis across whole of Pune city
2 Safety, Health Curb the menace of stray dogs using methods already adopted successfully by Municipal Corporations of other states
3 Health Road side garbage should be removed daily to keep city clean and citizens healthy
4 Safety Clear pavements of encroachments by various vendors
5 Health, Traffic Ban plying of heavy vehicular traffic on Magarpatta-Mundhwa-Kharadi road at night as noise pollution is causing health problems to residents having dwelling place on the road side
6 Traffic Speed up the process of building Ring Road
7 Traffic, Safety, Security Install street lights, with LED bulbs, along the center of the road in the dividers to improve visibility at night and to help fast movement of traffic and curb crimes on the roads
8 Health Ban the use of high decibel horns within city limits
9 Traffic Scrap BRTS because of practical difficulties faced by commuters to board the bus from bus stop located in the center of the road
10 Utilities Provide water and electricity on 24×7 basis
11 Traffic Provide more parking place at Pune railway station by expanding and improving the existing parking lots and the general circulating area outside of the station
12 Traffic Upgrade Hadapsar railway station and give few minutes’ halt to long distance trains at Hadapsar station. This will reduce the congestion at Pune railway station as those from eastern part of city can embark/disembark from here instead of going all the way to Pune station
13 Traffic Improve public transport system
14 Traffic Consider providing A/C and non-A/C buses from Magarpatta City main gate to Airport/Pune Railway station
15 Safety, Traffic Provide pedestrian underpass at Season’s Mall and Amanora Mall crossing
16 Education Improve the quality of education in schools run by PMC
17 City Planning Sanction of City Development plan should consider the availability of water required to support the expected increase in population while keeping in mind that nowadays there is insufficient rainfall in Pune many times
18 Planning Monitoring of charter of demands to be done on quarterly basis
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