Water Tank Cleaning For Laburnum Park

The Residents of Lab. Park

This is to inform you that Water Tank Cleaning is scheduled as follows:


Bldg. Date Bldg. Date
A 04/03/2014 I 10/03/2014
B 04/03/2014 J 10/03/2014
C 05/03/2014 K 11/03/2014
D 05/03/2014 L 11/03/2014
E 06/03/2014 M 12/03/2014
F 06/03/2014 N 12/03/2014
G 07/03/2014 O 13/03/2014
H 07/03/2014 P 13/03/2014

Precautions :

• Please note that there will be no water supply from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, so please make necessary arrangement to store water as per your requirement.

• Please put off your water purifiers. Use water only after flow of reddish water stops.

• As your building parking & reachable external bldg. walls may be washed during the schedule using pressure water, you requested to park your vehicles on Periphery roads and keep all your windows & doors closed during the schedule.


Inconvenience regretted.



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