Water is Precious.. Tips to Conserve Water




08th September 2015

Dear Residents

Greetings from the city that cares!

This is with regards to water shortage in Pune City. All are aware that this year there is a huge shortage in water supply from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The water supply from PMC will now be pumped alternate day and hence we would be compel to supply limited water instead of 24X7 to your homes from our Centralized distribution network Also ground water level in Magarpatta City wells and bores wells have gone lower.

We have been arranging for over 100 water tankers daily for the past one month to supply water to our residents 24X7 but now due to shortage of water from PMC we may not able to get required water tankers daily and hence it is our humble request not to waste water and use water in limited manner as every drop of water counts.

Some tips we have identified which can help to save the available water:


  • Take bucket bath instead of overhead shower/hand shower/bathtub.
  • Switch off the tap while brushing and shaving and use water in small mug.
  • Use half flush instead of full flush.
  • In case of Washing Machine/Dish Washers use it with short cycle.
  • Wash vegetable fruits in container and use the left over water for indoor plants.
  • While using solar water please do not throw away the cold water which comes before the flow of hot water but use it for washing vessels, watering of plants and for other internal uses.
  • In case there are faulty leakages from taps, faucets or water controller please inform PMS office immediately and get it rectified.
  • Educate your home maid to minimize the usage of water while washing clothes, utensil and moping the floor.
  • Mop your terrace/ balcony instead of using pipe.
  • While leaving your home ensure all taps are closed tightly.
  • Educate your drivers and car washers to minimize the usage of water for cleaning your vehicle.


  • Don’t Store water in bath tubs and containers.
  • Don’t leave stored water in drains as it can be reused.
  • Don’t wash your porches and terraces with pipes in case of bungalows/row houses.

Request to please co-operate and use water carefully as it is very precious.

Thank you for your support.


Magarpatta City Council

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