External Cleaning Of Iris

The Residents of
Iris Project.
Sub: – External Cleaning of Building


Dear Residents,
This is to inform you that external cleaning schedule is as follows:

Time Schedule: – 9.00 am TO 6.00pm

Bldg Date Bldg Date
A 3rd March –04thMarch 2014 K 26th March–27thMarch 2014
B 5th March –06thMarch 2014 L 28th March –29thMarch 2014
C 7th March –08thMarch 2014 M 31st March –01st April 2014
D 10thMarch –11thMarch 2014 N 2nd April – 03rd April 2014
E 12th March –13thMarch 2014 O 4th April – 05thApril 2014
F 14th March –15thMarch 2014 P 7th April – 08thApril 2014
G 17th March –18thMarch 2014 Q 9th April – 10th April 2014
H 19th March –20thMarch 2014 R 11th April – 12th April 2014
I 21st March –22ndMarch 2014 S 14th April – 15th April 2014
J 24th March – 25thMarch 2014 T 16Th April – 17th April 2014


Inconvenience Regretted


Please keep your sliding windows & curtains closed in schedule time.


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