25th December – Christmas



There is chill in the air. Trees around the ground ere illuminated with a series of multi coloured bulbs; carpets are spread over the place; chairs are placed like diamond chain on a damsel’s neck; fragrance is there in the atmosphere; mikes are fitted to the music system to call the people to join the celebrations – the venue Daffodils.

Why should you go to Bethlehem all the way to celebrate Christmas; or for that matter to snowbound Arctic to play with Santa Clause?  To make you comfortable and your family too, the Magarpatta City Council had arranged the Christmas celebration.

The function starts with lighting of Christmas candle by Chief Guest placing the lighted candles in memory of those martyrs who laid their lives in Mumbai blasts, after dancing the way for a patriotic song. Scores of children participate enthusiastically in enacting the biblical drama depicting the creations of God and important characters leading to the arrival of the Messenger of God, Jesus Christ. Christmas carols are sung by one and all with élan while both Ferdinand Buniyan on guitar and Patricia on Casio gave the scintillating symphony support. Dressing the children and sending them to the stage with full systematic rehearsal was a yeoman job meticulously done with precision by Ursula Joseph and Minoti Salve. (Children were 84 in number!)

The moving spirit behind all these is Vinita Britto who was silently and deftly coordinating all and sundry with a smiling face all around.

With the arrival of the Christmas Tableaux from St. Patrick Church with carol singers and orchestra, it was a Christmas masquerade belted out lively carols starting with “JINGLE BELL, JINGLE BELL………it was a befitting finale.